Notes from the Field

Hi, I’m Anthony DeBarros. Thanks for stopping by.

Currently, I’m director of product development at DocumentCloud, the platform journalists use to analyze, annotate and publish source documents. Thanks to a Knight Foundation grant, I joined the team in early 2015 to help create the next generation of the product. You can track our progress at DocumentCloud’s blog.

My career path has spanned the worlds of journalism, coding and data analysis. From 2012-2014, I was director of interactive applications at Gannett Digital, the product development arm of Gannett. I led a team that built interactive news apps and tools for journalists. We worked on bigger, company-wide efforts such as election resultsinvestigative projects and even the first major news foray into VR. On any given day, I might find myself configuring a server, leading a product development discussion, writing code to munge data, or editing an app built by one of my teammates.

Before that, I spent 15 years at USA TODAY, first as a database editor for health, religion, travel and entertainment in the Life section. In 2008, I became the senior database editor heading the newsroom’s data journalism efforts. The topics covered by our team ranged from Census analysis to cheating on school tests to work on the multiple-award-winning investigation Ghost Factories.

Before joining USA TODAY in 1997, I spent a decade at the Poughkeepsie Journal, a historic newspaper covering New York’s mid-Hudson Valley. I started as an obit writer and police reporter. Over the years, I covered local government, became a copy editor, assistant city editor and features editor and wrote many features about the musicians who played the local concert scene. In the early 1990s, my interest in computing led to me to launch a personal tech section and take our first steps in what used to be called computer-assisted reporting. I also launched one of the news industry’s earliest online ventures — a dial-up service called the Poughkeepsie Journal Bulletin Board System.

I’m twice a graduate of Marist College, where I also taught journalism. There’s more on LinkedIn.

Outside of work, I’m a husband, father, musician, gardener, occasional poet and, at heart, an analog guy. When I’m not working, I’m most often enjoying time with my family, the guitar, music, chess, film, art, poetry and systematic theology.

Thanks for reading.

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